3D Stereo Virtual 4-Post

It is much lighter to display a video of the massive equipment found at the GM Proving Grounds, but the power and impact of the real installation has to be included. To convey this for Jack Morton Worldwide at the GM 2004 NAIAS Mezzanine, we worked with RFG Productions and Universal Images to produce and display one of the first HD 3D Stereo videos. Labs have measured that the galvanic skin response–a change in the skin’s ability to conduct electricity, following an emotional stimulus like surprise–rises with 3D viewing. We delivered that 3D experience in an 18 ft. wide polarized HD display, within the confines of a 10 ft. deep chamber. It even included show cued effects like wind, mist and floor bumps. Audience members frequently ducked and weaved to avoid the objects seeming to leap from the screen.