See 3D

Long at the forefront of 3D stereo video, Mediascape and Universal Images continue to advance the state of the art with imagery that escapes the 2D surface, without the need for special glasses, using the latest autostereo displays. This depth can be recognized at first glance now as visitors no longer need to stop and apply any eye wear.

OnStar demonstrated their range of services and features with this technology in a presentation produced by MVP Collaborative. Universal Images composed the segments, comprised of CGI and live action, and worked with Mediascape to embed supplementary 3D stereo video information. It was then driven by our custom stereo video control software on the unique display, enabling OnStar product specialists to interactively navigate and narrate the show. This presentation debuted at Detroit’s 2008 NAIAS, where it became apparent how easily video presentations can be made to stand out.