Stars in the Cars

How much fun is it to get in an auto show car? A lot, if you can feel at home enough to sing, show your on-screen performance to the crowd, and email a Web video link that anyone can view almost instantly.

For the 2006-2007 international auto show circuit we developed an in car Karaoke system for Presentation Works, Exhibit Works and VW. In this system a big, two sided screen describes what’s in store with an attract loop from UI. When new arrivals are detected in the car, the display switches to an instruction loop. That animation presents a menu of songs, and shows which radio button to push to play your choice. Immediately after a button is pressed, the selected audio plays in and outside the car, and the lyrics scroll on the display, beside the view from the interior camera with mic that captures everything you and your friends care to throw down.

The performance is encoded in real time, and plays on a preview station across the booth by the time you exit the car. At the preview station you’re invited to enter a name and email address to receive a link to the VW branded site we built with graphic design by Crispin Porter + Bogusky. There you can see all the performances, and search for yours and others by venue, time and song. You can also vote for the ones you like the best, and share the YouTube link with everyone you want, where many performances went viral with 1000s of views.

Winner of the 2007 D Show Ambassador award for innovative uses of media and marketing, this integrated experience pioneered the automatic connection of live venues with social media.