Moderated Social Media

Everyone can get into the act at big announcement events. That is, as long as they’re civil. Our Social Media management system allows Press and other on-site visitors, along with participants around the world to present live comments at events, while filtering the inappropriate.

Our application has evolved since its first use at the Fiesta Movement event at the 2009 Los Angeles auto show. Since then our social media tools have been used at many highly anticipated product reveals and other public events.

Our harvester gathers all relevant social media posts, based on specified key words, and assembles them into a moderator’s interface. The fluid controls of the interface allow a large volume of messages to be manually interpreted and selected quickly, while automated features can exclude certain content. With a single click, approved messages are passed to our customizable animated player, allowing almost instantaneous results for entries from the show floor. The player allows a select maximum of messages to cycle in a scrolling animation, where later messages age out as new ones arrive, still preserving the public decency.