VR in Motion

The Detroit Grand Prix is a chance for an up close view of the race from the side lines. The Grand Prix drive simulator, developed by Mediascape for Lear, the event sponsor, allows guests a first hand view of the 100+ mph ride with 360 immersion in a motion controlled seat, without the need to suit or buckle up. A mono view is also displayed on a big screen that either mirrors the moving view when the Oculus is in use, or plays the straight ahead view when it detects the head set’s removed, for those who’d rather ride without it. At its track-side location, the smell of fuel and smoking rubber completes the immersion.

Motion controlled VR is more accessible than ever. The growth of our VR capabilities began with our 2004 production of the stereo VR headset, with motion controlled seat, for Epcot. Now, with increasingly affordable equipment, and our extensive foundation libraries, just add creative stories with unique graphics, and push play.

In addition to motion control, we can provide further VR and AR enhancements. Using real time 3D animation and 360 video, recorded or live, we can include gesture based interaction and location-aware, (mixed reality), animation. We can help you simulate environments and transport your audience to new, entertaining and memorable worlds.