Mobile Casting Studio

The discovery of new talent doesn’t have to take a flood of paper and photos, even when the search hits the road. We built this mobile auditioning studio for BBDO Detroit to take to various fairs, football games and auto shows in search of the raw talent who could become the new hemi guy.

The wireless network of laptops allowed applicants to just fill in the form, snap their head shot with the built in camera, print out their generated slate and wait for their close up. The casting director watched a database populate, including head shots, in real time as each application was submitted. They were able to view the candidate‚Äôs information, and start their video interview within a few minutes of the application. The casting director was able to apply ratings and comments to the database as the video occurred, and the entire database, video and all, was available on the Web to additional producers who could contribute their ratings and comments. Since we also made the applicant database searchable, it may be possible for those who didn’t get picked to be a perfect match for another role.