3D Projection Mapping

With years of experience in 3D projection mapping, we’ve adapted our custom mapping software for many circumstances. One of our latest developments projected images onto the complex curved contours of a Lear car seat for an event at Detroit’s Fillmore Theater.

Among other video and touch sensitive displays, and a full theatrical presentation, this interactive Design Your Own Seat displays projected textures onto selected regions of a physical seat, with our mapping software correcting for all the contours.

Our custom iPad application allowed visitors to select textures for each region for wireless, instant transmission onto the seat. If the vast library of provided textures wasn’t enough, we also provided another iPad with drawing applications that allowed visitors to create new patterns of their own that were seamlessly added to the library of available textures. The opportunity to see life sized previews of custom designs prompted the question of whether this could be provided at car dealerships, and we see no reason why not.

Mediascape’s 3D projection software also took The D award show to the 3rd dimension with projection of the presentation produced by UI’s Dan Land and Gabe Hall onto a multi-faceted and angled set of 3D surfaces, in sync with a large over head screen.

Our interactive image warping software allowed us to fit the video to the exact angles of the 3D shapes, immediately after on site assembly, so that all imagery appeared without skewing distortions on the variously angled, target surfaces. While appearing to have multiple sources, the whole 3D display is the product of a single projector.