WiMax Mobile Studio

The show on the road

The SXSW festival draws a bigger crowd each year, but it’s size doesn’t have to stop fans from seeing their favorite musicians and discovering new ones. To enable a huge population of remote viewers, Clearwire Corporation enlisted Jack Morton Worldwide to develop a mobile studio that included their latest 4G WiMax technology to broadcast live performances from inside their truck, without so much as a parking space.

Mediascape worked with Jack Morton Worldwide to develop a live, high capacity Webcast for both a Microsite and embeddable video player for music blog sites. For 3 days, the truck stopped only briefly to allow the musicians to climb on, then drove through town while they performed and interviewed. The real time video streaming equipment and infrastructure provided by Mediascape enabled viewers to see the performances for 6 continuous hours each day, and brought a series of established and emerging artists, from a single wireless card on a moving truck, to tens of thousands of viewers around the world.